Small tweaks; large gains

I recently started implementing a technique when writing anything, and designing almost everything, that has had an exponential impact on the pace at which I compose my first drafts - whether textual, or visual.

Here’s the strategy: Every time I need to fact check something; or google something; or find a picture or an icon; or generally do something that’s going to distract me from putting fingers to keys, I add the words “TK” with a few words describing what I need. And then I move on.

Consider TK to be an intentionally misspelled placeholder, that stands for “To Come (not right away, but eventually)”. Then, go about your business until you’re ready to come back and add the missing details.

It’s a life-saver.

Onboarding in real life

In the hot-humid summer of 2019, my wife and I checked into the maternity ward. Neither of us had a clue what to expect. After what seemed like an endless pile of forms had been filled, corrected, signed and submitted, we were briskly walked through a monotonous corridor and into a room that looked identical to all the other empty rooms that had just passed us. Why that room? What happens next? Does the doctor know we’re here? It’s hot. Does the Air Conditioning work?

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